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Unolai Lighting Design & Associates is an international architectural lighting consultant with multiple offices and practices, founded in New York on 2005 by Mr. Uno Lai, a talented young generation lighting designer/lighting artist with vivid character of creativity; by the company growth, it became one of most impactive lighting design companies in Asia within a decade.

The projects of Unolai lighting design & Associates include variety of architectural types in most major cities of Asia. Serving clients include many well-known architects, as well as big name developers and top design companies. Unolai Lighting Design & Associates is very proud to have many talented paralleled professions in our team to provide creativity and sustainable lighting solutions to clients. Unolai Lighting Design & Associates also cares about reducing lighting pollution by using light more responsible and effectively.

In 2011, Unolai Lighting Design & Associates awarded the "Outstanding Lighting Design" from Yangon media competition in the lighting industry; in the same year, "China Airlines headquarters Complex in Taoyuan, Taiwan" project won Award of Merit of 2011 IES (Illuminating Engineering Society of the United States).


Our Strength

  • Boutique Design Through Details
    Mr. Uno Lai oversees every project through conceptual design to execution detail, this is our promise to client for best design quality.
  • Esthetic Lighting
    Our esthetic lighting design makes each project unique with character.  Because we have variety of talents from art base to engineering and this optimize our lighting design.  
  • International Mindset, Asia localization 
    In our Shanghai, Taipei and India offices, we recruit international lighting design talents with international skills, great local insights infused projects throughout Asia. Hence Unolai lighting design always provides outstanding solution in terms of design intent and effectively project managing.   


for us,
lighting is everything.

Uno Lai
Lighting Artist / Principal

Mr. Uno Lai, an accomplished lighting designer and artist, was born in Taiwan though he traveled intensively living in many different countries during his early career. He purposefully exposed himself to a wide variety of professional training including photography, theatre and interior design, enjoying multiple influences all of which embraced and nurtured his creative spirit before he finally focused his energy and expertise as a lighting designer fulfilling his vision to found Unolai Lighting Design in New York on 2005.

Media praised him for his imaginative lighting design work calling him a “lighting poet”. He believes that lighting is not just a vision, but more of a sensation. He was also one of the few to promote the theory of “subtracting lighting design” - taking off lights are equally important as adding lights. Mr. Lai has received a variety of prizes and awards in the field of lighting from many well-respected institutions including Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and International Association of Lighting Designers. As a sought after public speaker and lecturer, Mr. Lai has shared his passion and talent to audiences as well as expressing his creative skill through his works and publications.

Uno Lai continue to strive forward seeking ways to re-think the of future lighting and in recent years as established his very own lighting art installation based on his own concepts. He has been invited to many lighting festival and exhibitions including Singapore Marina Bay Lighting Festival, Taipei Hua-Shan Creative Park and exhibition in Museum of Contemporary art of Shanghai. Mr. Lai’s design work expands parallel in many areas including: architectural facades, public spaces, high-end retail, hospitality, art installations and theatre. Although Mr. Lai travels extensively though out Asia and the U.S. for his work, he personally enjoys it professing that his travels and exposure to such a mix of cultures is what feeds his inspiration.


eLicht Forum: Light leads success (Host) 2016
IALD GCR Annual forum in Shanghai “Crossovers & Collaboration” (Host / Organizer), 2016
IALD GCR Topic forum in Hong Kong “Lights for the city and culture” (Host / Organizer), 2016
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Moderator), 2016
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2016 Artwork " JouJou Ours "
IALD GCR Lectures in colleges and universities - Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Organizer), 2016
IALD GCR Lectures in colleges and universities - Central Academy of Fine Art (Host / Organizer), 2016
Architectural Design BBS Community (“Appreciation of 33rd IALD Award” Speaker), 2016
IALD Award (Judge), 2016
Alighting Award (Judge), 2016 Artwork " The Light Dam "
Luohe Changjian Square opening ceremony, Henan, 2016 Artwork " JouJou Ours "
CIDA award ceremony, beijing, 2016
IALD GCR Annual Forum “Lighting Revolution” (Organizer / “LED lights in a mood ”Speaker), 2015
IALD GCR Lighting Design Education Panel – Beijing (Host / Organizer), 2015
IALD GCR “Speaking of Radiance” Master piece project keynote High Tea Party (Host / Organizer), 2015
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Moderator), 2015
Inviting Artist, Speaker, ilight Marina Bay, Singapore, 2014, Artwork " JouJou Ours "
Inviting Artist, Treasure Hill Artist Village Lighting Festival, Taipei 2013, Artwork "The Light Dame"
Inviting Artist, Speaker, ilight Marina Bay, Singapore 2012, Artwork "The Light Dame"
Speaker, Taiwan International Design Week 2012
Speaker, International Light Fair by Messe Frankfurt, Guanzhou 2010 and 2012
Lecturer, Xue Xue Institute, Taiwan 2010-2012
Speaker, Asian Lighting Design Forum, Beijing 2011
Lecturer, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, 2011
Inviting Artist, MOCA Shanghai, 2011, Artwork "Circle"
Speaker, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 2009
Lecturer, Chinese Culture University 2009




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