Unolai Lighting Design & Associates

Unolai Lighting Design & Associates (ULDA) is an international architectural lighting consultancy founded by Mr. Uno Lai in 2005 in New York City. The studio has since grown to include offices in Taipei, Shanghai, and, most recently, Shenzhen.

The ULDA portfolio encompasses a wide variety of architectural types and several continents. Our clients include notable architects, major developers and leading design companies both in the East and West. The ULDA team is composed of a talented group of professionals with both parallel and complementary backgrounds, together pursuing creative and sustainable lighting solutions to our clients. ULDA is committed to reducing light pollution and lessening environmental impact by employing light responsibly and effectively.

Unolai Lighting Design & Associates has been honored to receive both the Award of Excellence from the IALD International Lighting Design Awards in the U.S. and the LDA Lighting Design Award in the U.K. for its work on the New Shanghai Theatre, as well as an award from the Illumination Engineering Society for its imaginative, elegant and environmentally-friendly relighting of the Taipei 101 skyscraper façade.


Our Strengths

  • Boutique Design Through Details
    Our talented international team meticulously oversees every project from conceptual design to execution of detail. Uno Lai’s vision and hand play a part in each design: we promise the highest quality to our clients.
  • Aesthetic Lighting
    Our lighting design aesthetically complements each project, letting the unique character of architecture truly shine. Cutting edge engineering, deep knowledge of the industry, and artful creativity inform our work.
  • Asia Roots, Global Mindset
    In our Shanghai, Taipei, Shenzhen, and New York offices, we have built a team of international lighting design talent with robust experience and great local insight, which infuse our projects. We are committed to provide outstanding design solutions supported by expert project management, across the globe.


“Light Makes A Difference”

Uno Lai
Principal / Lighting Artist

President's Selected Director/ GCR Coordinator, IALD
IALD Professional Member
CLD Certified Lighting Designer
IES Member

Uno Lai is one of the influential lighting designers in Asia, and the principal of UNOLAI Lighting Design & Associates (ULDA), which he established in New York in 2005. A practicing lighting designer for nearly two decades, Uno draws inspiration from a lively creative professional background including photography, theatre and interior design. Uno’s work has received media attention and lighting design awards from organizations both at home and abroad. He has long been promoting the general appreciation of lighting design by public lecture, article and online session.

In 2015, Mr. Lai opened UnoLab as an ambitious, future-driven exploration of new lighting frontiers, rethinking the role of light in human life. His conceptual lighting art installations have been featured in festivals and exhibitions around the world. Uno most recently founded UnoLights, where he and his team channel their passion for light and extensive industry experience into experimental fixture design, with the goal of making better lighting environments intuitive and accessible to all.



eLicht Forum: Light leads success (Host) 2016
IALD GCR Annual forum in Shanghai “Crossovers & Collaboration” (Host / Organizer), 2016
IALD GCR Topic forum in Hong Kong “Lights for the city and culture” (Host / Organizer), 2016
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Moderator), 2016
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, 2016 Artwork " JouJou Ours "
IALD GCR Lectures in colleges and universities - Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Organizer), 2016
IALD GCR Lectures in colleges and universities - Central Academy of Fine Art (Host / Organizer), 2016
Architectural Design BBS Community (“Appreciation of 33rd IALD Award” Speaker), 2016
IALD Award (Judge), 2016
Alighting Award (Judge), 2016 Artwork " The Light Dam "
Luohe Changjian Square opening ceremony, Henan, 2016 Artwork " JouJou Ours "
CIDA award ceremony, beijing, 2016
IALD GCR Annual Forum “Lighting Revolution” (Organizer / “LED lights in a mood ”Speaker), 2015
IALD GCR Lighting Design Education Panel – Beijing (Host / Organizer), 2015
IALD GCR “Speaking of Radiance” Master piece project keynote High Tea Party (Host / Organizer), 2015
Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Moderator), 2015
Inviting Artist, Speaker, ilight Marina Bay, Singapore, 2014, Artwork " JouJou Ours "
Inviting Artist, Treasure Hill Artist Village Lighting Festival, Taipei 2013, Artwork "The Light Dame"
Inviting Artist, Speaker, ilight Marina Bay, Singapore 2012, Artwork "The Light Dame"
Speaker, Taiwan International Design Week 2012
Speaker, International Light Fair by Messe Frankfurt, Guanzhou 2010 and 2012
Lecturer, Xue Xue Institute, Taiwan 2010-2012
Speaker, Asian Lighting Design Forum, Beijing 2011
Lecturer, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, 2011
Inviting Artist, MOCA Shanghai, 2011, Artwork "Circle"
Speaker, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology 2009
Lecturer, Chinese Culture University 2009





Our Offices

Taipei Office
10F., No. 207, Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd.,
Neihu Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

tel + 886 (2) 2876 2288
fax + 886 (2) 2876 8888

Contact May Lee
Email may@unolai.com

Shanghai Office
Room 101, Building 9, Suhehui, No.1107, West Guangfu Road
Putuo District, Shanghai, China 200063

tel +86 (21) 6288 8438
fax +86 (21) 6288 8428

Contact Kelvin Wu
Email kevlin@unolai.com

New York Office
tel +1 646 688 5811

Contact Yichun Chou
Email yichun@unolai.com

Shenzhen Office
Room 310, 3rd Floor, Block A1, North Area OCT-LOFT
Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518000

tel +86 (755) 8653 0051
fax +86 (755) 8653 0052

Contact Fran Yang
Email fran@unolai.com


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